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IBM Dedicates Endowment Fund Payout

The IBM Endowed Fund for a Sustainable Dubuque, a community-focused grantmaking fund held at the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, will make two grant distributions this year to support Inclusive Dubuque and iJAG. Inclusive Dubuque will receive a grant of $22,900. This network of more than 60 partners is dedicated to creating an informed, equitable and inclusive community where all people feel respected, valued and engaged. The funds will support continued efforts to develop and share equity tools for businesses and organizations; facilitate peer-learning opportunities for the network and community; and implement a data platform to measure progress.

iJAG, a nonprofit that works with middle school through college-age students to help them discover their individual talents, develop skills, and seize opportunities, will receive a grant of $3,000. The program has proven cost effective and successful by increasing graduation rates, academic performance, attendance, job placement, and continuing education/training.

The IBM Endowment Fund for Sustainable Dubuque was established at the Community Foundation when IBM came to Dubuque in 2009. The purpose of the fund is to support initiatives that help make Dubuque a viable, livable, and equitable community.


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