Now is the time of year when folks are looking for a get-away weekend or maybe a day trip. If you like wine and the Iowa country-side, I’ve got a great idea for you! While there are seven organized “wine trails” across Iowa (, our local one in the Upper Mississippi Valley Wine Region was the first. There are eleven wineries that comprise the Iowa Wine Trail: Winneshiek Wildberry Winery, Empty Nest Winery, Eagles Landing Winery, Engelbrecht Family Winery, PromiseLand Winery, Park Farm Winery, Daly Creek Winery, Tabor Home Winery, TYCOGA Vineyard & Winery, Wide River Winery, and Brick Arch Winery.

You may not want to try to visit all eleven in a single day (especially if you are driving), but you could easily plan to visit all the tasting rooms over the course of a summer and fall. Head north or south and find a bed and breakfast for the overnight and you’ll discover a most refreshing time as you drive the back roads of Iowa and enjoy good local food and wine.

Let’s take the list and break it down geographically as it may help you plan your travels. Heading north from Dubuque, there are four that cluster in the Decorah area. We’ll begin at the northern-most and work our way south.

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