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Dubuque Regional Humane Society Recognized as an Innovator

The Dubuque Regional Humane Society (DRHS) is being recognized as a leader and innovator amongst shelters and organizations across the nation. DRHS produced a video, Maddie Talk, a “Ted-like Talk,” on the success of low- and no-fee cat adoptions to provide inspiration to animal welfare groups. The DRHS is one of 25 finalists with their video focusing on innovative ideas and practices that lead to lifesaving.

DRHS presented at the Best Friends regional conference in March. Aimee Heinrich, Director of Operations, presented to other shelters regarding the FAIR Program. FAIR is Friends Achieving Incredible Results – adopting out dogs and cats with behavioral or medical issues that can be modified or eliminated in a home. Adopters receive additional information and resources to best care for the special needs of their new family member.

The DRHS is providing a webinar on July 5 about how we removed a barrier to adoption by permanently reducing adoption fees on cats. This is to provide education for other shelters to implement best practices of the DRHS.


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