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Top Dubuque Mortgage Lenders Announced

Joe McKenna

American Trust mortgage lenders, Joe McKenna and Gary Keleher, were recently recognized as the 2016 President’s Club top two mortgage lenders in Dubuque by the Iowa Mortgage Association. To qualify for the President’s Club, participating lenders must originate loans in the state of Iowa and meet the following requirements: $20 million dollars or 130 units of residential volume.

Joe McKenna, Second Vice President, was the top producing Dubuque lender and earned President’s Club recognition. Joe joined the American Trust Mortgage team in June of 2015. He has been originating loans for five years and in banking for 16 years.

Gary Keleher, Senior Vice President, was the second highest producing Dubuque lender and inducted into the President’s Club. Gary joined American Trust in March 1976. He started working in the mortgage division in 1979 and became the residential mortgage manager in January 2004.

Three American Trust mortgage lenders were also recognized. Jenn Oliver, West Des Moines, received President Club honors. Kathy Kahle, Dubuque and Megan McAllister, Dyersville, both received Winner’s Circle recognition.


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