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Is Your Dietary Intake Plant-Based?

Whether you hear it from Dr. Oz, who says “Plant-based eating is the biggest movement of 2017” or from experts such as Scott and Beth Putnam of Whole Living Nutrition, there is something each and every one of us must simply and absolutely accept with extreme consideration: the food production system should not command what we consume. We should.

Before thinking to yourself, “Oh no, here it comes… don’t eat this… don’t eat that…” Just do this one thing, take a look. Take a look at how we can create a healthier lifestyle through natural plant-based foods. Take a look at websites such as www.WholeLivingNutrition.com and www.PlantPureNation.com. Take a look at films such as Fast Food Nation, Fed Up, Food Inc., Forks Over Knives, and Plant Pure Nation. Take a glance at the books, read the blogs, listen to the speakers, observe the ripple effect of awareness that is pervading all facets of our culture.

Awareness is key. Awareness of how we can create a healthier lifestyle through natural plant-based foods. Awareness of how we can improve our nutrition, weight loss efforts, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, joint condition, and energy levels. Awareness which is interactively connecting thousands to explore a new path, a path of not only protein-rich foods that are good and filling, but leave you feeling good because they serve as integrative medicine and even contribute to increased environmental sustainability.

Plant Pure Nation leaves us with the words: “The truth is a stubborn thing. It doesn’t go away.”

Just take a look at these resources and you may find that it is not so easy to look away.


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