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Hospice Honors its Volunteers

Hospice of Dubuque honors all volunteers who give of their time and talent to the causes that are dear to them, but would like to give special recognition to hospice volunteers.

Here in our community, 120 Hospice of Dubuque volunteers are giving selflessly to others experiencing the journey at life’s end. They do so to ensure that our friends, neighbors, and coworkers under hospice care find dignity, hope, support, and love. The tri-state community is a more compassionate place because of their service. Hospice volunteers most often serve patients and families at the bedside, but they also assist in the office, serve as board members, provide fundraising support, and so much more.

Hospice volunteers help the people they serve live every moment of life to the fullest extent possible and enable the organization to achieve its mission in the community. Many hospice volunteers choose to give their time to help others because of their past experience with the compassionate care hospice provided to a dying loved one. It’s a beautiful example of “paying it forward.”

Thank you Hospice of Dubuque volunteers!


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