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Dubuque Museum of Art Awarded Federal Grant

The Dubuque Museum of Art (DuMA) has been awarded $6,000 in federal grant funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to conduct a general preservation assessment of its permanent collections. DuMA was among 290 organizations, across 43 states, awarded competitive funding from the NEH during its most recent grant cycle.

The National Endowment for the Humanities’ Division of Preservation and Access has offered Preservation Assistance Grants for Smaller Institutions since 2000. These grants help small and mid-sized cultural heritage institutions such as libraries, museums, historical societies, archival repositories, town and county records offices, and colleges and universities improve their ability to preserve and care for their humanities collections. Awards of up to $6,000 support preservation related collection assessments, consultations, purchase of preservation supplies and equipment, training and workshops, and institutional and collaborative disaster and emergency planning.

DuMA has contracted with the Midwest Art Conservation Center (MACC), based in Minneapolis, MN, to conduct the preservation assessment, beginning in May 2017. A highly-trained conservator from the MACC will analyze the museum’s collections and help to determine the priority of objects for future conservation treatments.

DuMA’s collections currently include more than 2,500 works telling the story of our region’s unique history and its artistic and cultural record. This includes the third-largest collection of works by Iowan Grant Wood and a rare collection of photogravures by Edward S. Curtis.


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