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City Offers Food Scrap Recycling Options

The City’s curbside food scrap collection program accepts all food scraps (including meat and bones); coffee filters and tea bags; all food-soiled paper cups and paper plates; paper towels, placemats, napkins, and bags. Materials NOT accepted include, plastic bags, straws, compostable or plastic utensils, lids, wrapping, and containers. Other non-compostable materials NOT accepted include diapers, clothing, shoes, treated/painted wood, grease and fats, dead animals, animal waste/litter, cigarette butts, vacuum cleaner bags, hygiene products, and medical and hazardous waste.

The City offers residential and commercial customers a subscription-based service with City-provided tipper carts during regular and winter collection schedules.

Monthly cost for residential and K-12 school customers:

  • 13-gallon container: $1
  • 48-gallon container: $8
  • 65-gallon container: $11

Monthly cost for commercial customers:

  • 13-gallon container: $4
  • 48-gallon container: $15
  • 65-gallon container: $20

In addition to the tipper cart subscriptions listed above, customers may also put their food scraps and compostable paper in their yard waste carts, cans, and bags. Current yard waste container options are subscribed 64-gallon carts, 35-gallon cans with annual yard waste decals, 35-gallon cans with attached yellow stickers, or paper yard waste bags with attached yellow stickers. These options allow customers to divert their food scraps at little or no additional cost by simply adding them to their current under-filled, underweight yard waste containers.

To subscribe to one of the collection services listed above, contact the City of Dubuque Public Works Department at (563) 589-4250 or publicworks@cityofdubuque.org.


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