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Catholic Sisters: “Get in the Habit” of Kindness

The Catholic Sisters of the Upper Mississippi River Valley launched a new campaign in March to encourage people to be kind toward one another. The message – “Kindness: Get in the Habit” – was created to counter the continued divisiveness seen throughout the country. It will be shared on billboards, in movie theaters and TV ads, through social media posts, and in Catholic school classrooms.

The campaign includes billboards to be displayed in six communities, from the Quad Cities to La Crosse, WI, including three locations in Dubuque and one in Kieler, WI. It features an image of a homeless person being handed a cup of coffee. The accompanying text says, “Kindness: Get in the Habit.”

Six similar images – all illustrating the kindness theme – will be featured both on social media sites and on the big screen – including Dubuque’s Mindframe and AMC movie theatres.


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