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Area CEOs Join Dubuque Young Entrepreneurs Academy in Roundtable Event

The Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) hosted a CEO Roundtable on February 22 at the Holiday Inn Dubuque/Galena. Students participating in YEA! began working on their business plans in the fall of 2016. The YEA! students were able to sit down with area business leaders and hear firsthand what it means to be a CEO and also received advice on becoming the next generation of CEOs.

The Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce YEA! class was happy to hear from Gretchen Brown, CEO of Stonehill Franciscan Services; Rick Dickinson, CEO of Greater Dubuque Development Corporation; and Pam Mumm, CEO of MaxiMumm Effect during the roundtable. This meeting was a chance for students to see the ups and downs of running an organization.

For the next few weeks students will continue to work on their business plans and PowerPoint presentations. On April 4, they will present their business plans to a panel of investors. The panel will then allocate funds to the businesses to offset their startup costs. The panel will also select one student business to represent Dubuque in Rochester, NY to compete against over 200 YEA! students from across the country. This event is open to the public to attend.

For more information about YEA! and the Investor Panel visit www.DubuqueChamber.com/programs/young-entrepreneurs.


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