If you start the day with a cup of java, you join 63% of the American population who do just the same. Verena Street Coffee, family-owned and operated, is roasted locally and its popularity has gone international! There’s no better advertisement than endorsements by friends and neighbors, and this is what they are saying:

“Shot Tower Expresso is my favorite coffee! The way it tastes and smells makes you feel like you’re in your own personal coffee shop! You get the smooth richness of espresso, but in a coffee you can drink all day long! It is a must on my shopping list!” – Suzie G.

“Cow Tipper? What a name! My sister gave me some for Christmas last year. I thought it was a joke. Well, the joke was on me! It has a delicious flavor, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I will tell you it makes my day so much better when I brew a cup or two or three of this coffee!” – Lynn

“Your fast shipping and amazing coffee has seen me through many early mornings. I have a daycare in my home. Caffeine is a necessity! Thanks for such an awesome LOCAL product!”

“I just wanted to let you know how much I love your coffee. I’m leaving to go work in Japan and I can guarantee that I’ll have at least three bags of Cow Tipper in my luggage when I go.” – Eli W.

“I love Nine Mile Sunset and so does my husband! I first tried Verena Street Coffee at Costco in Coralville and really liked it. Then I found that we could receive it as a subscription and have been very pleased with not ever running out!” – Joan

Nine Mile Sunset? Cow Tipper? Shot Tower Espresso? Those three flavors join Lock and Dam11, Julien’s Breakfast Blend, Sunday Drive, and Mississippi Grogg – all unique flavors with clever names and a special Dubuque connection.

Verena Street Coffee Co. is named after a quiet street in the neighborhood where cousins and co-founders Eric and Michael Gantz grew up. Although the site is now a highway, they wanted to preserve their many warm family memories with a meaningful name and Verena Street was perfect. And just to ensure that their customers fully understand the importance they place on family, their story is printed on each bag of coffee.

Eric and Michael are committed to customer satisfaction. And with that commitment to excellence, the company, founded in December of 2010, has grown by leaps and bounds. Within a year and a half, Verena Street Coffee was available in 190 grocery stores in Iowa and by January of 2016, 700 local and regional grocery stores handled the coffee. Currently, Verena Street Coffee is stocked on the shelves of over 800 grocery stores in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Customers may choose to participate in the coffee subscription service that ensures they are never without their favorite cup of java through the Verena Street Coffee website at www.VerenaStreet.com. With a 10% discount and a $6.00 flat rate fee for shipping, the price is hard to beat. Shipping is free on orders over $35. Available in whole bean, ground, and single serve, Verena Street® Coffee can also be found regionally at Walmart and Sam’s Club and is available through Amazon.com.

With the kind of growth they have experienced, it’s no surprise that additional space became a necessity. Their original facility was expanded to 7,500 square feet in 2014 and in December of 2015, Eric and Michael broke ground on their new 34,000 square foot building at 720 Verena Ct. They moved into their new location in October of 2016. With continued growth expected, the new facility can be expanded to 120,000 square feet to meet future demand.

If the construction of a new facility wasn’t enough to keep the cousins busy, Verena Street Coffee Co. recently collaborated with Potosi Brewing Company to develop Shot Tower Espresso Stout. Kegged on August 8, 2016 and cased the next day, Shot Tower Espresso Stout is available in both kegs and cans at local groceries as well as at the Potosi Brewing Company. With an espresso aroma and rich coffee flavor with hints of roasted malt and chocolate, it is topped off with a generous mocha head. Could there be a better way to start your day? Grab your cup and get a cuppa, cuppa, cuppa of Verena Street Coffee today!


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