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Colts are on the Move

The past month has been filled with many late nights and busy weekends as the Colts work to finish the demolition phase and move everything from the old downtown office to their new warehouse.

The Colts are moving to 2300 Twin Valley Drive (new zip is 52003), former home of Key City Moving & Storage, in the Key West area of Dubuque. The new facility includes a 9,000 sq. ft. warehouse, office space, and ample parking for vehicles. Within the warehouse, shelves will line the perimeter and provide space to store all equipment, souvenirs, surplus food, and archives in a secure and temperature-controlled location. The office area will hold four offices, a boardroom, and two restrooms.

Returning for his second year with the Colts is Program Coordinator Howard Weinstein. Howard has a long history in the drum corps activity, having experience as a program coordinator, corps director, and instructor. Additionally, he has been a music educator for the past 29 years. Howard works with many high school programs in Florida and Georgia including Tarpon Springs, and Timber Creek High School in Orlando.

The entire Colts staff is being finalized, and the design team is hard at work on the 2017 production. For more information, check out the Colts home page at www.colts.org.


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