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Radford Road Recycling Drop-Off Location To Close July 30

Dittmer Recycling has been servicing their drop-off station every day of the year – including weekends and holidays but this will soon come to an end. Beginning July 30, 2016, the public recyclable Drop-Off Station at Dittmer Recycling’s 1755 Radford Road location will be permanently closed due to staffing, safety, and financial considerations.

This drop-off station was part of a partnership between Dittmer Recycling and the Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency (DMASWA). The main issues at hand are staffing and the value of the material being collected vs. the amount spent to collect the materials. Over the past year, recyclable commodity prices have fallen significantly to the point where the value of the material collected is less than the processing cost to separate and market them.

Those currently using the Dittmer Recycling Drop-Off station are encouraged to place their recyclable items out with their curbside recycling or bring it to the drop-off station located at the DMASWA’s facility at 14501 Highway 20 W. Collection hours are 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Glass is not accepted for recycling. Place it with your trash. For information on what is acceptable in the drop-off program, visit DMASWA.org or contact the DMASWA Education Coordinator Bev Wagner at (563) 588-7933 or Beverly.wagner@loras.edu.


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