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The Mop Shop in Elizabeth, IL

The Mop Shop is the creation of twin sisters Mindy and Missy Dalgarn of Galena, IL. They were surprised and saddened by the large number of individuals who posted a “wish” for cleaning supplies on a holiday angel tree in December 2013. Follow-up research confirmed that food pantries understandably focus on meeting nutritional needs. Further, that there were no social service agencies which made cleaning products available to those in need. With that information in hand, The Mop Shop was born.

Thanks to the generosity of Village President Michael Dittmar and his team, The Mop Shop opened its doors in the Elizabeth Municipal Building in August 2014. This non-profit organization provides cleaning supplies to those residing in Jo Daviess County who self-identify as “in need.”

Now, nearly two years later, over 585 clients and family members from nine communities within the county have registered. Clients may visit once each month to select two higher value products (mops, brooms, multi-surface cleaners, etc.) and two lower value items (paper towels, sponges, garbage sacks, etc.).

Every other month clients may also select laundry detergent and fabric softener. Initially providing service to 30 clients each month, the number has increased to 60-70 per month and continues to grow. The Dalgarns’ ultimate vision is that this Mop Shop be the first of many across the state and the nation.

As a non 501(c)(3), the support from the communities served has been tremendous. Missy is quick to point out that the generosity of local businesses and civic organizations, schools, churches, family, and friends has been truly overwhelming. “Others’ kindness and support has been incredible. We are thrilled to collectively be making a positive difference in the lives of others,” said Missy.

To learn more, please visit www.themopshop.org.

Editor’s note: This article was provided by The Mop Shop.


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