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NICC and Resources Unite Conclude Successful Campaign

Resources Unite (RU), Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) staff and students, and the City of Peosta have completed a successful campaign, Just Add Water II, that collected bottles of water and raised funds for the people of Flint, MI.

For three weeks in May, local businesses and community members joined RU, NICC, and the City of Peosta in the Just Add Water II campaign by making donations of water to support residents in the beleaguered Michigan town.

The water in Flint is contaminated with lead, which makes drinking, cooking, and bathing impossible without community residents becoming ill, losing their hair, and developing rashes. Lead poisoning has also been linked to a higher incidence of birth defects.

The Just Add Water II effort collected 14 pallets of water and $1,951 in donations to purchase additional cases of water, including the NICC Child Development Center at the Peosta campus, which raised $877.

The NICC Diesel Mechanics program semi-truck will deliver the water and supplies to the community of Flint in the next month.

Local businesses also contributed to the successful campaign. In support of Just Add Water II, Fareway Stores, Inc., and Casey’s General Store donated a pallet of water.


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