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Heritage Works Receives DRA Funding

The Dubuque Racing Association (DRA) awarded Heritage Works a $5,000 grant to purchase workshop equipment to be used in its historic restoration trades vocational training programing. This equipment will create a “mobile workshop” that can be setup at any project location. Expert instructors and trainees will use the mobile workshop during stained glass and wood window restoration projects. The first project is a stained glass window restoration program already in progress at the Steeple Square campus redevelopment on White St. in Dubuque.

Steeple Square, formerly the St. Mary’s Parish complex, recently began a stained glass restoration workshop program that incorporates historic restoration vocational training opportunities into the restoration of 14 stained glass windows in the former church. The Steeple Square project includes local artists and craftspeople who will learn historic stained glass and wood window restoration skills so they will be able to train future workshop participants.

Heritage Works – in partnership with Steeple Square, Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC), Four Mounds Foundation, and Gronen Properties|Restoration – have established hands-on training projects at Steeple Square for un- and under-employed individuals, opening career pathways and providing participants with marketable skills.

Heritage Works is a Dubuque-based not-for-profit organization launched in 2015. Its mission is to leverage Dubuque’s architectural heritage to drive community revitalization and economic development. Through collaboration, assistance with financing, advocacy, and education, Heritage Works preserves our community’s history to invigorate its future.


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