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Dubuque Internal Medicine, Dubuque Family Practice, and Dubuque Pediatrics to become Grand River Medical Group

Representatives from Dubuque Family Practice, Dubuque Internal Medicine, and Dubuque Pediatrics announced this week that the three physician groups will be merging July 1, 2016, becoming Grand River Medical Group.

All three practices will combine their medical backgrounds and expertise in order to be the #1 provider of primary and specialty care in Dubuque, IA for all ages.

Jodi Faustlin, CEO for Dubuque Internal Medicine, and the merged group, expressed enthusiasm for the merger. “We see this as a great opportunity. Most importantly, this merger allows the physicians to continue to offer high quality healthcare to the region. It will also increase our ability to work more collaboratively with other healthcare organizations and employers in the community.”

Dubuque Internal Medicine was founded in 1955 by Dr. Eugene Coffman. In 1960, Dr. John Chapman and Dr. James Gilloon joined the practice. Over the years, the physician practice has grown to include 38 physicians and eight advanced practice professionals, offering healthcare to adults.

Dubuque Family Practice opened in 1991 by Dr. Steven Haas and Dr. Martin Bagby. Today, there are four physicians and one advanced practice professional providing healthcare. Dubuque Family Practice specializes in family care through all stages of life.

Dr. David Kragenbrink, a pediatrician, shared, “What excites me most about the merger is we are bringing together three excellent primary care groups to better provide coordinated care to patients of all age groups in the tri-state region. As a merged group, we will be able to better develop and meet health care guidelines in a multispecialty fashion to keep our patients healthier.”

In 1981, Dr. Keevin Franzen and Dr. David Kemp opened their own medical practice. By 1996, the practice had doubled in size. Today, Dubuque Pediatrics has four physicians and three advanced practice professionals providing healthcare for all children through their adolescent years.

Once merged, Grand River Medical Group will include 46 physicians and 12 advanced practice professionals. The newly merged practices will continue to provide high quality healthcare in their current locations, serving the communities of Dubuque and surrounding areas.


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