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DBQ Indie Businesses: Proud to Be Home Grown, Locally Owned, and Committed to Community

Dubuque is a great place to live, work, shop and play. Local, independent, women owned businesses are proud to make much of that possible. They’re your neighbors, people just like you, who are passionate about our city and care about its future, which is demonstrated by:

  • Making Dubuque a destination by bringing a wide range of unique and innovative experiences, opportunities, places to go, and merchandise for tourists, residents, and new comers.
  • Increasing the City of Dubuque’s revenue streams.
  • Creating higher paying jobs.
  • Much like our indie farmers at our beloved Farmers’ Market, it is a win-win when local business owners share their personal service or products.
  • Local small businesses are environmentally conscious and more likely to support other local businesses and growers.

Get fresher, more creative, locally produced products. Find a person behind your phone call, rather then a recording, by using a local service. Find out what is happening in your town by subscribing to local media. Your local businesses sustain Dubuque in a personal way, so do good by keeping it local.

Who really benefits from independent small businesses? You do. Here’s why.

  • For every $100 spent in Dubuque at a local, independent business, $68 remains in this community and recirculates back into Dubuque’s local economy. Contrast that with $100 spent at big businesses with far-away corporate headquarters where only $43 remains in Dubuque. Indie businesses actually sustain Dubuque. Use your purchasing power to sustain Dubuque by keeping your money local.
  • Dubuquers’ purchasing power includes an additional 1% local option sales tax that directly benefits Dubuque, projected at over $8 million for the City budget this year alone. That 1% actually makes a positive difference to Dubuque by increasing funding for the City’s capital improvements. Shopping online deprives Dubuque of this important revenue source.
  • Local businesses give critical support to local charities, local fundraising, and local residents in need.
  • Local businesses are proud to be personal and personable. They are responsive to their customers’ needs and select offerings based on their desires.
  • Supporting local business means supporting Dubuque.
  • Indie businesses make Dubuque a fun destination with positive personal experiences for residents and tourists.
  • Indie businesses help create the culture and environment that Dubuque’s large corporate businesses need in order to attract and retain their desired workforce.
  • Indie businesses also make Dubuque more appealing for tourists who, like residents, want one-of-a-kind experiences and offerings. Dubuque depends on revenue from tourism and our tourists actually prefer to support local indie businesses.

Keep Dubuque vibrant and unique by keeping it local and indie every day.


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