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BUY Dubuque – ROI 80%

When you spend $1 locally in a small business, 80 cents, stays Dubuque. This statistic is life changing for small businesses in this community, and allows many to thrive and recirculate money into Dubuque. Keeping dollars local contributes to hiring employees. Shopping local attracts tourists who finance local parks and museums. Local businesses advertise in the local papers, radio and magazines. Local businesses give critical support to charities, fundraising, and the underserved.

In a locally owned business you will find a person that is responsive to a customers’ needs. A local business owner remembers your name, and cares about good service and many sell locally sourced goods.

The revenue that is generated directly from the 1% option sales tax goes to two things, property tax relief and capital improvements for the city. Property tax relief benefits everyone in the city whether you rent or own a home, it is reflected in pricing. For the year 2014 (which we are currently receiving due to lag time in payment from the state) we have 9.2 million* coming in.

Shopping on the interne may be easy and convenient, but is it the right thing to do for your community? How do internet companies sponsor your kids’ school play, or help defray property taxes?

What You Can Do?

Are there 10 transactions a year you could bring back to Dubuque? There are currently 58,068 Citizens.* Imagine if just half of those people made 10 transactions locally?

Let’s run the numbers:

50% of citizens 29,034 x 10 transactions x $50 (average transaction)= $14,517,000 in business revenue going directly into the community as well as the 1% sales tax.

The Challenge Begins

“I am DBQ and you can be DBQ too” is the Women’s Business Collective campaign to buy local. The Women’s Business Collective was formed in January 2016, as a network supporting enrichment, outreach, and mentorship of local entrepreneurs.

This campaign is “proud to be home grown, locally owned, and committed to community.”

*quote from Jenny Larson 5-4-16



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