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New Library Hours are Up to You

Public input is needed on Carnegie-Stout Public Library hours now through May 15. Library hours were reduced in 2015 due to short-staffing as a result of a city-wide hiring freeze. The Mayor and City Council have restored funding to the Library in the coming fiscal year. Up to 117 additional hours of service annually is possible. This provides an opportunity for the Library Board of Trustees to review all hours of operation and set the times the Library is open to best meet the needs of the community.

All residents are invited to complete a one-question survey to select from a list of proposed hours. The survey is available on the Library’s website at www.dubuque.lib.ia.us/hours or paper copies are available at public service desks in the Library.

This survey is open through May 15. The Library Board of Trustees will review the results of this survey during their regular meeting on May 26. New hours will take effect in July 2016.


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