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Numbers Increase for the Dubuque Regional Airport

2015 was a good year for American Airlines in Dubuque. December 2015 helped finish the year strong with 11.89% more enplaned passengers than December 2014. 2015 had an overall increase of 7.0% as compared with 2014 (which was up nearly 7% over 2013).

Robert Grierson, Dubuque Regional Airport Manager stated that passenger traffic has been consistently increasing since 2013. He believes the successful growth is a combination of many things, but primarily the result of the people from Dubuque and the tri-state area choosing DBQ for their travel needs.

Grierson said the airport is continually meeting with airlines for expanding air service and frequency. The biggest targets include Dallas and Denver. He hopes to get more options to the south and west and is talking with American about adding larger regional aircraft to add capacity.


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