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Schoen Family Foundation Awards $2,493 to Dubuque Public Schools

The Foundation for Dubuque Public Schools (FDPS) and the Schoen Family Foundation recently awarded $2,493 in funds to purchase equipment for sensory rooms at five Dubuque schools.

A sensory room is a space designed to engage a child’s senses and help them gain emotional control. It is used as therapy for children with limited communication skills, such as those who are struggling with autism, Down’s syndrome, trauma, mental illness, and other sensory processing disorders.

The rooms provide opportunities for engagement in prevention and crisis de-escalation strategies, promote self- care/self-nurturance, and provide new strategies for teaching life skills. Grant funds have been used to purchase and install multi-sensory equipment for the rooms, such as platform swings, pressure foam rollers, balance equipment, kinetic sand, and weighted blankets.

This project serves students enrolled at Table Mound, Kennedy, Lincoln, and Audubon elementary schools, as well as Jefferson Middle School in Dubuque.

The grant was awarded by the Schoen Family Foundation through FDPS. FDPS is a local organization that seeks financial support for public school programs and projects that are not sufficiently funded by tax dollars.


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