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DuRide Reaches Milestone – 60,000 Rides

The 60,000th DuRide ride will be provided Thursday, November 12. The 50,000th ride was provided February 2, 2015, and the 40,000th was provided April 8, 2014. DuRide was founded in 2008. Since then, 29,000 hours and 311,000 miles have been provided.

The 60,000th ride will be provided on Thursday, November 12. The exact time will be known noon Wednesday after all ride requests are processed.

DuRide is a non-profit organization that provides rides for members age 65 and older who can no longer drive, by matching ride requests with available volunteers. Volunteers use their own personal vehicles, and no special license, training, or insurance is needed.

Door-to-door service is provided seven days a week, including all holidays in Asbury, East Dubuque, and Dubuque.

Volunteers are needed. Volunteering is easy and flexible. Volunteers provide rides only when it is convenient, and a typical ride takes about 30 minutes.

Volunteers range in age from 23 to 84, and the average volunteer has been with DuRide 4.1 years. A record 163 people now volunteer for DuRide. A background check is done for new volunteers, and a short orientation session is required.

For further information about DuRide call (563) 451-4999 or visit the web site at www.duride.org.


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