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Bee Branch Restoration Video

The September construction update video for the Upper Bee Branch Creek Restoration Project is now available. Over the past month crews have been working on the walls of the entrance to the Garfield Ave. culvert, extended the sanitary sewer across Lincoln Ave., started construction at Rhomberg Ave., and more.

See the video here: www.youtube/6YjeY7f7Bos.

These one-minute videos are produced at the end of every month as a quick and easy way to update residents on the progress that is being made from month-to-month. Previous videos can be viewed at www.cityofdubuque.org/1890/Featured-Videos.

Also, I invite you to vote for your favorite Bee Branch bench design. Along the restored Bee Branch Creek will be several metal benches. The backs of the benches will feature a custom laser-cut design. Six designs have been developed to represent the different types of activities and wildlife that will be enjoyed along the creek. You can view the concepts and vote for your favorite at www.cityofdubuque.org/beebranchbench.


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