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Ride The Jule to School and More

The Jule continues to provide free rides for all K-12 students on all of its regular service bus routes. High school students must show a current school year ID at boarding. Not sure if your child’s school is located near a bus route? Most schools are on at least one bus route with a bus stop located within a short walking distance. Call The Jule at (563)

589-4196 or submit a “Tripmaker” request through their website (www.JuleTransit.org) for step-by-step instructions!

Students ride free on any trip including after-school activities, sporting events, going to the mall, or the movies.

The Jule provides public transit services throughout the city with its fixed-route, minibus, and trolley services. 16 daytime fixed routes provide bus service to most areas in the city limits and paratransit (door-to-door) service is provided for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. Service areas include shopping, entertainment, community services, employment, and education destinations with most trip times around 30 minutes.


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