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Dupaco R.W. Hoefer Grant Supports Specialized Childcare Program and Opening Doors

A recent grant award in the amount of $2,200 from the Dupaco R. W. Hoefer Foundation supports a Specialized Childcare Program during the non-school months of the summer for children with disabilities, autism, and/or challenging behaviors. The program is held at the Hills & Dales Community Center and Childcare Center, and may provide families with these children access of up to 20 hours of childcare services for their loved one through trained staff members. Through the various disability services the organization provides, they have the ability to utilize and access staff that are highly trained and accustomed to more challenging behaviors.

Many Dubuque area families with children with disabilities, challenging behaviors, or with autism, who for various reasons are unable to access a Medicaid Waiver program, often have no place to turn to for quality, safe, and accessible childcare especially during the summer months. This time becomes an extreme burden, and is stressful for families when considering work schedules, financial strains, and the overall health and safety risk for the children involved. This program benefits the health, quality of life, and overall well-being of the child, their family unit, and the overall Dubuque and tri-state area.

In partnership with Dupaco Community Credit Union, Opening Doors will begin offering the Getting Ahead in a Just Getting’ By World Curriculum to women who are staying in transitional housing programs at Maria House and Teresa Shelter. It helps people living in poverty to have a more prosperous future and aligns with the vision of Opening Doors.

While the City of Dubuque offers this training, there are barriers such as limited class sizes and transportation. By offering the curriculum on-site in a safe environment where the women have already established a trusting relationship, Opening Doors hopes for a great completion rate.

As part of a $9,327 grant provided by the Dupaco R.W. Hoefer Foundation, the program will offer each participant up to a $640 stipend for completing the program. The stipend is intended to help participants address costs associated with gaining permanent housing. These costs include an apartment’s first-month’s rent and security deposit.

Also, after completing the program, Dupaco Community Credit Union will continue to provide ongoing money coaching and training to each participant.


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