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Dubuque’s ATFinancial Advisors Earns PSN ‘Best Of The Best,’ ‘Top Gun’ Awards

ATFinancial Advisors, a specialized investment division of Dubuque-based holding company ATBancorp, earned Informa Investment Solutions PSN Top Gun status for being among the top ten performers in the Mid Cap Core and All Cap Core Universe, both for the period ended March 31, 2015. AT Mid Cap Core strategy earned Top Guns status and achieved the “Best of the Best” award in the 3-star Mid Cap Core Universe for being the number 1 performing strategy over a three year time period. AT Select Equity strategy achieved Top Gun status in the 3-star All Cap Core for its top ten performance over a three year time period.

ATFinancial Advisors’ diversified equity strategies are Separately Managed Account (SMA) portfolios, each managed to a specific investment style, and developed using a core investment process and valuation framework that focuses on economic profit and relative valuation. The Mid Cap Core strategy invests in medium sized companies with an average market cap between $3-10b. The Select Equity strategy is designed to provide core equity exposure by investing in companies without constraint to market cap.

In addition to the PSN database, ATFinancial Advisors’ investment strategies can be found on many of the largest research and investment platforms in the industry including Morningstar, Envestnet, and eVestment Alliance.

ATFinancial Advisors is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of ATBancorp. It manages a suite of investment strategies that include traditional equity, fixed income, and balanced portfolios, as well as a series of dynamic risk-based, multi-asset class investment solutions. ATFinancial Advisors manages money for a broad range of clients, including its affiliate American Trust, where ATFinancial Advisors acts as the sub-advisor on many client relationships, including the American Trust common and collective funds. For more information, visit www.atfinancialadvisors.com.

PSN, produced by Informa Investment Solutions, is one of the leading investment manager search and evaluation databases to be offered industry wide. PSN tracks more than 2,000 money management firms and over 20,000 investment products.


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