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City Employee to Serve as Officer of Regional Hazardous Waste Organization


Ken Miller, Landfill Scale House Operator with the City of Dubuque, has been elected as the Vice-President for the Hartland Chapter of the North America Hazardous Materials Management Association (NAHMMA) at its annual meeting that was held February 26 at Omaha, NE. The one-year term begins immediately.

NAHMMA is an organization whose members are directly involved in the management of hazardous waste from residential, commercial, and industrial sources. Members include public and private sector employees, along with consultants, engineers, planners, regulators, and local elected officials. The Heartland Chapter includes members from Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri.

As part of the Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency’s (DMASWA) commitment to operating an environmentally sound solid waste management facility, it has established a hazardous waste program in 1998 for residents and qualified businesses in Dubuque and Delaware counties to use for their hazardous waste management. As part of Mr. Miller’s duties, he is responsible for the daily operation of the program and provides management assistance. He has been assigned to the DMASWA for over six years.

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